Human Services 课程描述

Psy 105 – Introduction to Psychology (3学时)
心理学主要领域概览:心理学的历史和方法, the nervous and endocrine systems, 感觉, 感知, 意识, 学习, 内存, higher cognitive processes, developmental psychology, 动机, 情感, 压力, 人格理论, 性, 情报, 心理测试, 变态心理学, 心理治疗, 社会心理学, 以及应用心理学.

Psy 300 – Developmental Psychology (3学时)
人类从受孕到死亡的生长发育研究. The course deals with physical, 社会, 情感, 知识, 道德, and personality development at all age levels, and the respective theories; the effects of heredity and environment on the developmental process. Prerequisite: Psy 105 or permission of instructor.

Soc 204 – Principles of Sociology (3学时)
介绍与社会研究有关的主要概念和原则, 社会制度, 以及社会互动.

SW 280 – Introduction to Social Work (3学时)

SW 310 – Social Issues in Diversity (3学时)
对美国几个少数民族群体及其互动模式的深入调查:土著, 非洲, and Hispanic Americans; women as a minority group; religions minorities; and the gay and lesbian population. 强调社会工作的知识,价值观和实践技能与不同人群的成员. Prerequisite: Sophomore status.